The Amazing Resort Utjeha in Montenegro

28 January 2018

Utjeha is a cozy resort village, located on the Adriatic coast in Montenegro, between Bar and Ulcinj (to Bar about 14 km). The very name of "Uteha" sounds very unusual for us. It is noteworthy that such an unusual name for this area originated from a small cafe, which opened in this part of the coast in the sixties of the last century, and was one of the...


Crete - the island of Zeus and a great place to stay!

17 August 2015

Bungalows, apartments, cottages, villas, studios, penthouses - all of these types of housing are available for rent on Crete. On our site offers a large selection for every taste and wallet! After Crete - one of the most popular destinations in Greece. Two of the most popular in the region - is Heraklion and Chania. It is the largest island of Greece and the fifth largest in...


Winter holidays in Mexico

13 August 2015

Renting a villa in Mexico is a great choice! You combine the best elements from the rest of the world of unlimited possibilities for a person in this private villas like no other type of recreation. With the help of our company you can rent a villa or apartment in Mexico, also in the long term (3 months) at a substantial discount. Come to Mexico to spend...


Summer vacation without a visa?

20 July 2015

We all love to relax and travel. But sometimes I do not want to waste time for a visa to sunbathe on the beach. Or is it simply no vremeni.Poetomu company Rent Hot Villas has selected for you the country where the minimum fuss to documents, and the sea and the sun high. Change the rustle of papers rustling in the surf on the best rate!   Turkey Turkey -...


Turkey is a wonderful country with a long history

17 February 2015

Turkey - a country with a long history, a huge number of monuments and attractions and, of course, the edge of a bright and warm sun! Turkey is great for all types of holiday: Family, Youth, and beach activities. With the help of our company Rent Villas While you will find your perfect option - affordable apartments right on the beach or a luxury villa with sea...


Eilat - beach holiday on the Red Sea

16 January 2015

Eilat is considered the best resort in Israel. It is located at the southernmost tip of the country on the Red Sea coast. Eilat - is primarily a beach holiday. Tours in Eilat appreciate all - both adults and children and young people. The resort is suitable for both lovers of sunbathing and diving fans and tourists coming to Eilat after sightseeing in Israel. Resort of Eilat, sandy...


Archipelago La-Maddalena

14 January 2015

La Maddalena Archipelago is located in the north of Sardinia, near the town of Palau (Palau). From here Palau ferries.   The archipelago consists of several islands, surrounded by the amazing beauty of the sea. Transparent coastal waters of the archipelago makes you forget that it is the sea - the Mediterranean. It seems that you are somewhere in the Caribbean. On the islands of a sufficient number of...


Fishing in Cyprus

17 December 2014

Fishing in Cyprus rather popular type of rest on the island. All the year round locals and tourists catch fish in island bays. Sea fishing attracts fishermen from all over the world, many of them enjoy catching of such exotic fish as a tuna in warm waters of Cyprus. The island of Cyprus – paradise for the fisher! To rent a country house or apartments it is possible...


Wonderful and interesting Costa Brava

12 December 2014

Costa Brava - one of the most popular Spanish resorts. It is possible to carry to its features first of all its beautiful rocky coast. At the expense of it from our country houses and apartments tremendous views of the sea open!    The second feature - proximity to France. Living in any city of Costa Brava, you without effort will be able to visit France - to live...


Lisboa will start to take taxes from tourists

05 December 2014

Since January 1, 2015 the tourists arriving to Lisbon air or the waterway, will pay a tax of 1 euro. However the innovation doesn't extend on those who will arrive to the capital of Portugal by train, the bus or the car. Thanks to this tax Lisbon hopes to attract 7 million euros next year. And since 2016 one more collecting will be added to it: 1 euros...


Island for lovers

31 October 2014

What could be more beautiful than love, especially when it is on the island ...   Give unforgettable date your loved one is not difficult, important to choose a direction.   Maldive Islands   The structure of the island state, includes the island in 1192 and about 1,000 of them are uninhabited. Chance to find a romantic retreat is very large.   Yourself and your loved ones, you can please the SPA treatments, massage, white...


Ibiza Spain

24 October 2014

Island holiday, also known as Ibiza or Ibiza is conveniently located off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean sea. The Greeks called Ibiza Islas Pitiusas, which means Island of the Pines, the Pearl of the Balearic archipelago of Ibiza, with its beautiful beaches and great atmosphere, famous for its nightlife and turbulent parties, annually attracts millions of visitors from all over the world... As treasure island, Ibiza...


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