Pizza festival in Naples in 2015

01 September 2015

Pizza Festival «Pizzafest» in Naples - is the main festival of pizza in the world and one of the brightest events in Italy. Worldwide pizza - business card and edible symbol of Italy, in the very same Italian pizza - a symbol of Naples, which is officially considered to be her homeland and, at least in the opinion of the Neapolitans, but there it is real.   «Pizzafest» is held...


Exclusive cruises to the Pontine Islands

28 July 2015

Our company Rent Ноt Villas offers for our VIP customers exclusive and luxury cruises on magnificent yachts on the Pontine Islands. We offer a first class holiday on the system "all inclusive". For you we prepare breakfasts and lunches, which is served on board, and are prepared with the best products and delicacies that the island is famous for: from the freshest mozzarella to the fresh fish, the...


Fortress town of Monemvasia

09 March 2015

Peloponnese peninsula - the southernmost region of mainland Greece. This is a land of unspoiled nature, a place where life flows in bygone unhurried pace. The coastline is deeply indented Peloponnese: there are many narrow coves with great beaches, framed by steep cliffs. It was here, in the Peloponnese is one of the most colorful and spectacular sights of Greece - a medieval fortress town of Monemvasia, which...


Chinese Shilin Stone Forest

12 January 2015

Unusual forest, which consists entirely of blocks of stone, is located in Yunnan Province (Yunnan), 130 kilometers from Kunming (capital of the province), China. It's called - Shilin, which is translated from Chinese means "Stone Forest". According to legend, the stone forest appeared thanks to the athlete, the giant who wanted to build a dam for their people. At night, he began to move huge stones with tools...


Tuscany Wine Tours

29 December 2014

Tuscany - is the largest and most famous region of Italy, which produce high quality wines. The climate is mild - warm coast, in the hills cooler. From the sea blowing warm wind, bringing frequent rainfall and cold winds from the north Tuscan hills protected by the mountain range of the Apennines. Beautiful, picturesque hills covered with vineyards, has long been a hallmark of the entire Tuscany.     It...


Park "Port Aventura"

19 December 2014

The Port Aventura is located near Salou on the coast Costa Dorada in Spain and takes the sixth place in popularity among thematic parks of Europe. It is divided into six thematic zones: Mediterranean, Wild West, Mexico, China, Polynesia and Sezam Street.   In each of parts of park there are 1-2 cool attractions.  In the Mediterranean directly at an entrance it is located Furius Baco which bears ventured on...


Paradise Park Farm Koh Samui

15 December 2014

If you are looking for a place on Samui to relax, close to nature, Paradise Park Farm should be your destination. It is on Samui’s highest mountain, Khao Pom, within a tropical rainforest.  Spend a day in the cool air of Samui’s highest mountains. Surround yourself by waterfalls, small rivers, exotic birds and wildlife animals. Sit in a beautiful gardens and enjoy the view. You can even...


Unusual migration of butterflies in Mexico

11 December 2014

Every year when autumn is coming in Mexico one of the most spectacular representations on the planet is played. Millions of butterflies monarchs migrate from the USA and Canada to the south and settle in highlands Michoakan in Mexico, densely sticking round trunks and branches of local trees and painting them in brightly orange color. Periodically butterflies fly up, and then all surrounding space is filled with...


Walk on elephants in Thailand

29 November 2014

If you come to Thailand, then you should take a walk on elephants. Wherever you rent a villa or apartment, anywhere you can organize this tour. The elephant is the symbol of Thailand, so the best souvenir that brings joy, wealth and well-being of the animal is considered a statuette. Thais are very respectful of the elephants, they even believe that the outline of their country resembles...


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