Christmas shopping in Italy

18 November 2014

Alluring inscription "Discounts», «SALE», «SCONTI» in various countries around the world are one and the same - the sale is in full swing! Major sales throughout the land - Christmas and summer. At this time discount reach 70-80%. This is the perfect time to update your wardrobe! Of course, in every country - their characteristics and their cherished place for shopping. But in this article we would...


Shopping in Dubai

11 November 2014

Shopping in Dubai Dubai is not only recreation , but also a great shopping experience. This place is simply awash with expensive shops, branded clothing and jewelery . Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall, is the most famous shopping centers and their journey into the world of shopping should start here. Mall of the Emirates Marble Hall Mall of the Emirates has more than 400 stores , you will find...


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